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Tree removal & care are only the beginning of what we offer. Explore our other services below!

Tree Removal

At Higher Ground, we recognize that trees are valuable. It is our goal to care for and preserve trees as best we can. There are times, however, when the best course of action is to remove the tree.

Several possibilities for tree removal:   

  • The tree is completely dead or dying
  • Poor branch structure makes the limbs a significant hazard due to the amount of force they place on the trunk
  • The tree no longer has room to grow and could potentially damage other structures (buildings, sidewalks, other trees, etc.)
  • Clearing for new construction. If you’re planning to build and there are trees in the way, please be sure to consult with one of our certified arborists so we can provide you with information on how to properly protect trees that can be saved, and accurately identify trees that should be removed. (Note: see consultation services)


Trees may need occasional pruning for a variety of reasons. Poor structure, infringement upon personal property and hazardous dead limbs are just a few reasons for pruning your trees. Pruning encourages new growth and leads to healthier and safer trees. The ANSI A300 standards outline the industry recognized best practices for pruning trees. The Certified Arborists at Higher Ground always adhere to these standards to ensure your trees get the best care possible. (Note: See Plant Health Care for information on root pruning)

Plant Health Care

Root Pruning

Most tree problems can be attributed to what is happening below ground or in the dirt. For example, girdled roots at the base of a tree can often lead to a tree’s demise for a variety of reasons. Root pruning when not done too late can often be part of a comprehensive plan to help with a tree’s vigor and bring it back to health.

Soil Work

Give your trees ample nourishment by modifying the soil that provides food for the tree’s roots. We offer radial trenching, soil augmentation (compost, humates etc.), fertilizer injections, modifying soil gradients, and soil compaction relief, all of which may help your tree thrive.

Disease and Pest Control

Like people, trees can be subject to problems or diseases that can be addressed if the right treatment is applied in a timely manner. Emerald Ash borer, Rhizosphaera needle-cast disease and Bacterial leaf scorch are just a few examples of illnesses that can infect your trees. As certified arborists, we’re often able to identify what’s inflicting your trees and offer treatments that can restore them to health.


Spending money on a consultation oftentimes saves clients from making costly mistakes. Our certified arborists help you make tree and landscaping decisions by offering their technical expertise via consultation services.

Consultation Services Include

  • Property walk-through evaluations
  • Formal tree-risk assessments
  • Root collar excavations
  • Climber or lift-based canopy inspections
  • Pre-construction evaluations and planning 
  • Coaching tree selection and planting location

Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA)
We stay up-to-date on the latest science-based information so we can provide you with informed, tree care solutions. We regularly team up with a nationally recognized RCA for projects with unique challenges. We also work with Purdue’s Forestry department to keep up with the latest pest and disease issues, or when a second opinion is needed.

Free Estimates vs. Paid Consulting
We provide free estimates for clients who request a specific tree care or removal service such as pruning, and stump grinding. Pricing for property and tree consultations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us today for a free proposal.

Does your company need training?
Higher Ground Tree Care has two, Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff who can provide training for your landscape or tree service company. Contact us for more information.


What is TRAQ? This acronym means Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. This is a sub specialty and credential of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) that arborists may obtain. Higher Ground Tree Care has a certified arborist on staff that has TRAQ standing. Here are several associated services that we offer to serve your tree care needs:

  • Paid consultation to determine risk on a tree with defects. The data and information gained by the client better enables him or her to make an informed decision regarding “next steps” when caring for an important tree.
  • Many full time tree work sales persons look at the visible or obvious defects on a tree and make a “best guess” assessment regarding how much risk is associated with the tree rather than using the TRAQ methodology. Why is this important? With TRAQ, a client gets a procedural approach to answering questions that relies on Science more than the “gut” approach. 
  • Should I remove my tree? Should I remove the tree right away? Can I let my tree live for 15 more years and then cut it down? Should we prune and cable the tree? Can we slow the tree’s growth down? These are but a few of the questions that are often posited as a result of a formal TRAQ on a tree in the woody landscape. 
  • What does a TRAQ on my tree cost? There are 3 different levels of TRAQ that can be done. Depending on where the tree is located, number of trees examined, client goals, and so on; the cost for the consultation will vary. For more information on what you can expect to pay for this service, we can have our TRAQ specialist contact you to discuss specifics.

Stump Grinding

Stumps can be unsightly on your property and just downright inconvenient. We can help! We offer several options for dealing with stumps to fit your needs. We can grind them well below the surface so that grass can be planted, or we can grind out the entire stump to make space for a new tree.

Grinding stumps leaves behind a lot of mulch mixed with dirt which can be a great ground cover in your landscape, or we can haul it out for you. We also offer the option of bringing in fresh topsoil and planting grass or a new tree for you!

Higher Ground will call to have utilities marked.


Higher Ground Tree Care sells quality hardwood firewood (seasoned or green) all year round. Firewood is sold by the cord (128 cubic feet) or face cord (43 cubic feet). You can pick it up at our shop or we can deliver it for a fee.

Winter Work

Few homeowners think about their trees during the winter; however, it is sometimes better to work on your trees in the winter because they are dormant. We offer a variety of services during the winter months. Ask about our winter discount program.

Pruning(Trimming) and Removal Work

Certain types of pruning and removals lend themselves to being done in the winter. Contact one of our Certified Arborist’s to see if your pruning or removal needs would be best suited for the winter. Often winter is the best time to prune an Oak or Elm.


custom woodworking

Some trees are more than mere decoration. Many homeowners have memories of planting, climbing, and gathering beneath their trees. We often meet homeowners who have a treasured estate tree that unfortunately cannot be saved and must be removed. This can be very difficult for homeowners who have cherished memories with their tree.

At Higher Ground Tree Care, we have a fully equipped wood shop, which allows us to repurpose your dead, dying, or obtrusive trees into a porch swing, bench, table or other usable item you can enjoy for years to come. We would love to talk to you about custom woodworking projects made from your own trees, so your memories are preserved for the next generation!

Do you have a tree in your yard that has special memories, historical significance, or has a unique story attached to its life? Like people, trees have a life cycle; and sometimes, a tree’s life is “cut short” because it needs to be removed. At Higher Ground Tree Care, we have the ability to help your tree live on. We can work with you to build a piece of furniture that will evoke memories of your tree for years to come. We can remove the tree in question and then have the wood sawn and kiln dried. Depending on the tree and the ensuing project, the lead time is typically 6 to 18 months from Cutting down the tree to delivery of the piece of furniture. If this sounds appealing, arborist/woodworker Matt can contact you to vision the next project.  

Crane Services

Higher Ground Tree Care can handle most of your crane needs. A few specifics about this service:

  • Crane: Grove TMS-640 Main boom has 105’ of reach. The jib adds 29’ if its in the “fixed” position but can telescoping out to add a total of 51’.
  • Specializing in tree work in both residential and commercial settings
  • Footprint:  Length of crane is 45’ The crane width with outriggers fully extended is 25’
  • Lifting sceneries include setting trusses, setting AC units, setting construction materials etc.
  • Crane costs can vary depending on the size and scope of work. 
  • Crane usage can be scheduled for a partial day or large multi-day projects. As such, billing can be done by the hour with a three hour minimum charge or an entire project can be quoted. When billing by the hour, travel time “port to port” is part of the fee.
  • Outrigger pads and leveling blocks will be provided for proper set up
  • For a fee, ground mats can be installed prior to setting the crane in place in order to minimize the potential for damage to soft or hard surfaces; however, it must be noted that this is NOT a guarantee that some damage can still occur (see next bullet point).  
  • Cranes are heavy. As such, the customer is FULLY responsible to make sure any and all issues are accounted for and mitigate, or properly dealt with prior to the crane arriving at the job. To that end, if the crane cracks of breaks concrete, damages a septic system, falls into a hidden void (like an old cistern), the customer that hired out this crane service is responsible for both the damage done to the property and any damage done to the crane.
  • A specialist from Higher Ground Tree Care can look at your specific job to answer questions about any of the aforementioned items 


“…the juniper, the fir and the cypress together…adorn my sanctuary…”   - Isaiah 60:13

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